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Lab Position: Graduate student / postdoc

A graduate student (M.Sc., Ph.D) or Postdoc is solicited to join this young and dynamic lab. The candidate will find a stimulating environment, motivated and competent colleagues as well as all the required tools to fully develop scientifically and professionally. This includes mentoring, regular lab meetings, journal clubs, technological presentations and an open door policy from the lab director. On the technical aspect, a variety of complementary techniques ranging from classical approaches to the latest technologies are commonly used in the laboratory, which will enable the candidate to learn many different skills often needed in their future endeavor. This includes tissue culture, in vitro assays, proteomics, RNAi, cell biology, molecular biology, virology, biochemistry and flow cytometry as well as a variety of microscopy approaches.



B.Sc., M.Sc./Master or Ph.D. (biomedical sciences, biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology or equivalent). The candidate should be motivated and enjoy team work. He/she will also have to meet the university and the center's admission requirements. Although internal funding is available, the candidate will be expected to apply for external funding.

NB: Although the lab is bilingual and lab meetings take place in English, graduate courses are given in French.

How to apply

Send CV, transcripts & 1-2 references to

NB: Graduate courses are typically in French, with possible English options from a nearby university 

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